DRIFT Riding and Diva Decent present – Girls Bike Coaching Week in Morzine


The movement going on right now encouraging more women into sport is amazing and it’s something we’re trying to push with our brand Drift Riding too.

I started biking around 3 years ago whilst working in Whistler, Canada just after Ryan and I met, and fell in love with the sport. Women over there have created a huge community of supportive riders who egg each other on and it’s so easy to be part of the biking world.

Back in the UK and now Morzine where we’re based it’s obvious that the biking world is dominated by male riders. But we know that girls are more than capable of mountain biking (and more than up for it!).

From experience, YES, it ‘s a very daunting prospect to throw yourself down a mountain with more experienced riders flying past you and not knowing what is ahead of you.  But it’s also a thrill!

Right now I’m working on the start of a movement encouraging more women – the brave, the bold and the uncontrollably nervous – into Mountain Biking because,  let’s face it, it’s impossible to not look and feel great/ready to take on the world when padded to the max, covered in mud and riding trails like a boss.

Here at DRIFT Riding we’ve dragged the head honcho, Sarah Muir, from Diva Decent out of biking retirement to collaborate in bringing a girls specific biking week to Morzine.  A chance for us to show women that mountain biking isn’t as scary is it might seem, that with expert tips and daily coaching sessions they’ll improve their ride and fall in love with the sport just as I did back in Canada. And selfishly I could do with some more female biking buddies!

DRIFT is now in its 2nd year of operation and the buzz is continuing to build around what we do. From an exclusive offering of the brand new Polygon bike range to the one and only pump track in the area, plus of course a great team, varied accommodation and the wonderful Morzine as a backdrop.

If you would like to be involved in our biking week we’d love to have you on board! Tag us in your photos hashtag #Driftdivas #Diva2015 and #MorzineDiva and Tweet away and get booked up.

I think this could be the start of something great…


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