Drift – The Beginning

Drift – The Beginning

With the launch of the new Drift website after a whirlwind of a first year I though it about time, for my first ever blog post, to go back to the very beginning. This is the story of where the idea for Drift came, starting with the creation of the name and logo for the company that we are today

June 2013Morzine

Having been in the tourism industry for nearly ten years I’d worked for many companies, winter and summer, good and bad and decided it was about time to create something of my own taking all those experiences and learning from them. Little did I know how much time, blood, sweat and money it would take but also how incredibly rewarding it would be to see a business, that I created, grow and change into something far exceeding my initial ideas and expectations.

The biking industry had been growing for a while and working in Whistler the previous summer only confirmed that knowledge. With the expiration of my visa I was on the lookout for a resort that had everything Whistler had to offer just a little closer to home. I moved to Morzine after countless recommendations and it was while working in Morzine I knew I had found the place I wanted to settle on both a personal and professional basis. It had been skiing that brought me to the mountains but the biking that kept me here and so I wanted to create a bike specific company something that catered for all bikers needs fully. Because up until that point downhill biking had been my passion I decided to focus on this discipline. Expanding into road and cross country biking would come further down the line (and in blogs to come) once I was more established and exploring these other disciplines myself.

I won’t bore you with all the business toing and froing side of things but all I shall say is I found a very good friend who shared the same passion and dream but also a business mind. A partnership with Paul was formed and so the planning and implementation could move forward.

August 2013 – Morzine

The first hurdle was thinking of a name. A few brainstorming sessions took place, many over a few beers and glasses of wine. The weird and the wonderful were banded about but after finding out that one person had previously working for a company called ‘Ski Armadillo’ I was of the thinking that anything goes. I liked the simplicity of ‘Roost’, a friends company in Spain, and with him in on some of the discussions we were soon looking for a single word to be the basis of the company name and logo. I won’t disclose any of the other names that were in the running, you never know I may just use them one day to make my millions, although I think ‘Wheelie Good Biking’ is one for the scrap heap!

The final name came from a good friend Jamie, a world cup mechanic, who I’d met while working in Whistler. He knew how much I liked getting lose on corners so came up with the idea of DRIFT. I instantly loved the name and so it stuck. I liked all the connotations that Drift had. Drifting round a corner on a bike, drifting in and out of the accommodation, snow drift… do you catch my ’drift’? The riding was added in the first year as I wanted people to have some idea of what the company was about – riding bikes. With the idea that it would become known as just Drift in the future once the brand was established

Getting lose round corners on my Gambler in Whistler


Now the design of the logo was not my strong point as you can see from this development. To start with I was definitely of the opinion that more was more, but with everyone around me telling me that less really is more the logo became simpler and simpler. The colours came from my first downhill bike, a Scott Gambler, which I lovingly stripped down and built up in the blue, black and white colours.  This bike is still my and pride and joy and has pride of place on the wall in The Nantegue bar.

The Logo Development

Drift Logo Development

October 2014 – Morzine

And so to today, just over a year on from that first idea I have a meeting planned this afternoon with a supplier for our new bike hire shop in our new Chalet Catherine in Morzine. We have a stall booked at the London Bike show in February and many more excitng plans in the pipe line which will become clear over the next few months. Thanks has to go to all the friends, family and guests that have come through the doors in 2014, without you, none of this would have been possible. Here’s to an even more sucessful 2015…



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